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Welcome to the Poetry By Carers project website, a platform dedicated to poems written by carers. The poems you will find here were produced during workshops designed specifically for people with caring responsibilities. 

These ongoing free online workshops are led by Dr. Dinah Roe and Dr. Sarah Hesketh. They are supported by Carers Oxfordshire, the Oxford Brookes Poetry Centre, and the British Academy. The workshops are inspired by the writing of Christina Rossetti, herself a carer as well as a famous poet. 

Scroll down to download I Sing, Therefore I Am, the first volume of poems produced by carers who attended the workshops, and to listen to audio-recordings of the poets reading their work. More volumes will follow in due course.  

Listen to Dr Roe discussing Christina Rossetti's caring responsibilities and the creative poetry workshops they inspired on the Pre-Raphaelite Podcast 


The aim of the workshops is to provide carers with time, a community and resources for creative work, and to amplify the voices of those whose contributions are too often unsung.  According to the NHS, many do not think of themselves as carers, and this lack of recognition and self-recognition is a major barrier to accessing support. Writing poetry is about identifying and developing a voice, and we hope to help make carers' voices more audible, not just to everyone else, but to themselves.  

These workshops are ongoing, and open to carers from anywhere in the world, so please get in touch with Dinah Roe at d.roe@brookes.ac.uk if you would like to join a waitlist for the next series (date TBD). 

For more about carers, including definitions, statistics, and support, please visit Carers UK & Carers Oxfordshire

For more about Christina Rossetti's caring responsibilities, please see Dr. Roe's article in the Times Literary Supplement.

THE POEMS: I Sing, Therefore I Am (Volumes 1, 2 & 3) 

Listen to the poets read their work (Volume 1)

Please download the PDF of Volume 1 to read the English translations of Izumi Nagai's poems. 

Listen To The Poets Read Their Work (Volume 2)

Listen To The Poets Read Their Work (Volume 3)

Upcoming Events

Workshop Information: There are no workshops running currently. Please revisit this website for announcements of future workshop dates.

Occupations and Interruptions: A Poetry Workshop For Carers

Occupations & Interruptions is a series of free, online workshops for carers inspired by the work and life of Victorian poet Christina Rossetti and led by poet Dr Sarah Hesketh and Rossetti expert Dr Dinah Roe.

They are organized in collaboration with Carers Oxfordshire. The workshops are designed to be flexible, and you can work with us during online sessions, or offline in your own time. Attend as few or as many sessions as you can! Access is provided to all resources for the duration of the workshops. Poems will be published (with your permission) in a downloadable anthology.

If you have any questions, would like more details, or are interested in joining future workshops, please contact Dr Dinah Roe: d.roe@brookes.ac.uk


Are you interested in joining the workshops, but not yet sure whether they're for you? Here is what other workshop participants had to say.